Qantas is committed to working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, through a range of initiatives including employment and training programs, community involvement and sponsorships.

Qantas has a long and proud history of working with Indigenous Australia and is committed to reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians. We endorse the vision of a nation which values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, culture and peoples and recognise their unique position as the original custodians of Australia.

We acknowledge that as a young and growing population, Indigenous Australians will increasingly form a larger percentage of our workforce, our customer base and our business partners.

Qantas has a responsibility to ensure that our business reflects the values of inclusion and diversity in line with the Qantas values; Care, Forward Thinking, Wisdom of Experience and Contemporary Australia. This plan outlines our ongoing commitment to the reconciliation journey.

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