City Of Sydney

By acknowledging our shared past, we are laying the groundwork for a future which embraces all Australians, a future based on mutual respect and shared responsibility for our land.

In 1788, the British established a convict outpost on the shores of Sydney Harbour. Despite the destructive impact of this invasion, Aboriginal culture endured and is now globally recognised as one of the world’s oldest living cultures. Aboriginal peoples have shown, and continue to show, enormous resilience coupled with generosity of spirit towards other peoples with whom they now share their land.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan is a call to action for the people in our organisation to make a stand for reconciliation, guided by the City's values of collaboration, courage, innovation, integrity, quality and respect. It is a call to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, and to incorporate and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and knowledge in our daily work. By using these actions to educate and challenge ourselves, we aim to transform our organisation and our communities. This plan seeks to make reconciliation everyone’s business at the City.

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