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In 2010, at the Connect 2010 Business Opportunity Fair / Tradeshow and Meet the Buyers events - where the company has converted many connections into sales. Corporate Culcha responded to an Expression of Interest from FaHCSIA to provide mentor training and support services in the regions where Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) services are delivered. The CDEP Mentors Support Service aims to build the capacity of Mentors and Community Development Officers (CDOs) employed by CDEP providers, allowing them to more effectively deliver services to CDEP participants. Given the differing levels of capability amongst the CDEP Mentors and CDOs, the challenge for the successful tenderer was to work with CDEP providers to develop and deliver a flexible, regionally targeted training, mentoring and education strategy for CDEP Mentors and CDOs.

Through Supply Nation's great network, Corporate Culcha was also able to develop a joint venture partnership with a leading US firm specialising in cross-cultural competence in business. In 2011, Corporate Culcha was the first Supply Nation business to establish a joint venture with US-based Springboard Leadership Partners in Cross Cultural Leadership to provide a broader range of diversity products to our clients.

Springboard is a member of the United States Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) the American equivalent of Supply Nation. Springboard is one of the world's leaders in diversity and inclusion training and coaching. Through this relationship we have been able to develop products which broaden out our Indigenous expertise to the mainstream. Through our relationship with Springboard we have also entered into a Joint Venture with The Medici Group to be the sole provider of Medici Innovation Workshops in Australia.

The Medici Group is a global innovation firm based in New York that works with Fortune 100 companies to create and foster a culture of innovation in their organisation. The firm's strategic advising engagements, workshops, and unique events are all designed around the core innovation principles of The Medici Effect, an international bestseller by Frans Johansson, CEO of The Medici Group. The principles are - diversity drives innovation, analysis through action and that anyone can innovate.

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