Research & Evaluation

Research and Evaluation

Pre-qualified member of the Department of Employment's 'Research, Evaluation and Analysis' panel

Indigenous Specialists

Our unique offering in research and evaluation is the provision of a number of Indigenous researchers, interviewers and evaluators to work on projects which have a specific Indigenous focus.  Feedback from past projects has identified that Aboriginal people interviewed for evaluation projects are inclined to be more open and comfortable in review processes speaking with Aboriginal interviewers and researchers.

Indigenous Expertise

As an Indigenous owned and operated business, working within remote, rural and urban Indigenous communities, we have a real understanding of the economic and social circumstances of Indigenous people in Australia.  We regularly engage with Indigenous communities through all aspects of our work and have a broad range of community contacts and networks in locations across the country.

Case Study

The Department of the Environment Indigenous Water Values Project (2014/2015)

Corporate Culcha was contracted by the Department of the Environment to provide community engagement and research services for this Project.  The purpose of the project was to identify and report on Indigenous water values in the Gloucester, Galilee, Clarence-Moreton (Queensland only), Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine  (Queensland only), Gippsland and Cooper subregions and to reflect these values in the Bioregional Assessment Programme by engaging with Aboriginal communities in those subregions to obtain information that could be used in bioregional assessments.

Information was gathered on how local Aboriginal people value certain water sources through consultations with those local Aboriginal people and organisations. We engaged with people who had specific knowledge of, and interest in, water resources existing in their region. Reports were developed for each basin, and include the location (some specific, some approximate) and the importance of the water resources. These reports form part of the broader Bioregional Assessment Programme, and will assist government agencies in assessing current and future impacts of coal seam gas and coal mining developments.

Corporate Culcha staff and consultants working on this project are either Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, or non-Aboriginal people who have extensive experience working with Aboriginal communities.

Other Projects and Clients

NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC)

Corporate Culcha completed the evaluation of the Kids Excel and Youth Excel programs for the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC). This involved the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from 30 participating preschools, primary schools and high schools statewide, including the conduct of surveys and focus groups/interviews with teachers, parents, Aboriginal community representatives and Aboriginal Community Engagement Officers (ACEOs) and Aboriginal School Learning Support Officers (ASLSOs).  Our project team of 5 consultants conducted the review across remote, regional and urban schools covering all 30 within a time frame of just three weeks.  This was a time and geographically challenged project which Corporate Culcha was able to deliver successfully due to our large pool of experienced and talented consultants.  An in-depth report was developed, submitted and published on the evaluation as part of the project.

Corporate Culcha was contracted to undertake qualitative data collection from former staff members who were Indigenous Australians.  We were also required to create a report on the outcomes of the data collection for Qantas to use in developing long-term strategies for retention of Indigenous employees.

Corporate Culcha undertook an assessment of the current status of the Local Indigenous Action Plan by engaging District Managers for their feedback asking for suggestions for improvements to delivery. We reported on the findings of the contact session with the Indigenous Support and Training Team and the Branch and District Managers.