Indigenous Engagement Toolkit

To support your workforce to confidently engage with Indigenous communities all over the country, your organisation can subscribe to Corporate Culcha's innovative on-line Indigenous Engagement Toolkit. Learn about Australia's rich culture and explore historical facts and stats.

Online Indigenous Cultural Awareness Toolkit

Our Indigenous Engagement Toolkit allows multi-site business, such as banks, retail or community services, fingertip access to local Aboriginal cultural and historical information, resources and Indigenous demographics linked to each of their sites.  This information is supported by a resource toolkit which provides step-by-step strategies that support local community engagement, relationship building and partnerships, recruitment, procurement and marketing of services and products.  The toolkit also provides extensive general advice, strategies and information on Indigenous Mentoring and Cultural Awareness.

Read up on 'Culture' and 'History' to learn about Interstate Nations & Clans, some of their words, customs, technology and culture from short anecdotes. Via a timeline, follow their course before and after colonisation and up to where our national consciousness is today. The 'Demographics' are derived from ABS, while the 'Network' section makes it easier to contact peoples from the selected LGA.

Online Indigenous Cultural Awareness Toolkit

The Toolkit can be customised to suit your organisation's needs and 'look' and to include relevant company information around the Reconciliation Action Plan, Corporate Social Responsibility direction and/ or a message from the CEO etc. It is available to upload to your intranet or other internal communications platforms. Alternatively access to the Toolkit is available via our platform using a username and password for identified staff. This innovative product was designed inhouse by the Corporate Culcha team headed by CEO Paul Dodd.

To enquire how Corporate Culcha can support the integration of the Indigenous Engagement Toolkit into your workplace, or to develop a business case for your organisation, please contact us on 1300 CULCHA or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.