CDEP Delivering Mentoring Programs

CDEP Delivering Mentoring Programs

CDEP Delivering Mentoring Programs
2012 Training

Supplier: Corporate Culcha - Supply Nation Certified supplier since 2010
Client: The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) - Supply Nation member since 2010

Delivering a range of programs
Corporate Culcha's Accredited Indigenous Mentoring Program and Support Service was developed to build relationships and ensure sustainable recruitment and retention of Mentors, Community Development Officers and their Indigenous participants. The Culcha Portal delivered personal and professional development support to CDEP Mentors and CDOs. The portal provided realtime support to communities, businesses and their colleagues, available at their fingertips, at anytime of day across the nation. It also empowered groups to support eachother through on-line Chat and to keep informed with FaHCSIA News and information about What's Working with other CDEPs.

The Portal's Special Features Included:

Via the online virtual classrooms and on-demand video training, the portal helped connect business's colleagues and Corporate Culcha ensuring that clients were not disadvantaged by geography when delivering their services and supporting participants. Providing Live video online aswell as Video-On-Demand training to CDEP Mentors and CDDO's across NT, QLD and WA. Encompassing Personal and Professional Development support for Mentorss and CDO's. With a Live Chat room, FAHCSIA Updates, a Training Calender and complete access to 'What's Working' in other CDEPs.

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