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eLearning allows your team to access cultural training from any location at any time, day or night. Whether in a classroom or scattered all over the country in different time zones.. they can. Our Toolkit is online 24/7 allowing access to course materials at a time that’s convenient to them.

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Some of the benefits of eLearning:

Simple, Flexible Logistics:
After location, time is the greatest limitation on learning. That goes for both instructors and students, each of whom has to be both available and aligned with the other for face-to-face instruction to occur. By removing that requirement, everyone involved can participate at a time, and for a period of time, that suits their schedule.

Immediate Results and Feedback:
Most online learning technologies integrate quizzes and other tools to more rapidly evaluate the pace of learning.

Better Retention:
With clever design, user experience, and multimedia, online instruction can prove to be a rich and effective learning experience. You will get consistency in your training that you may not get from traditional methods.

Cost and time savings

Cultural Awareness and Competency eLearning program

Corporate Culcha’s Cultural Awareness and Competency eLearning product is self-paced and can be fully integrated onto a client’s LMS. Alternatively, and ideally for smaller numbers, the program can be accessed by subscription via our platform. It is Scorm 1.2 compliant and utilises interactive progressive quizzes and assessments. This means access and learnings can be tracked if required. Real life role play examples and case studies are included to support employment, engagement, procurement, and customer service skill development. Our flexible program design allows for customisation and branding to meet the needs of your organisation, with your internal actions and initiatives socialised and embedded within program if required.

Key Features of Corporate Culcha’s eLearning program:

Available for purchase via a one-off perpetual license or on a subscription (pay per user) basis with two streaming options:
1. for general staff (approximately 40 minutes)
2. for staff who manage, supervise or mentor Indigenous trainees or conduct community engagement activities (approximately 65 minutes).

• Provides the first steps to Cultural Awareness and Cultural Competency within the workplace without impinging on Traditional Owners local awareness.
• Delivers examples of competency based practice via case studies, video interviews and role plays.
• Leaves participants with tools and skills they can use immediately in their day-to-day responsibilities.
• Available for use either on your organisation’s LMS or via our platform.
• Participants progress at own pace.
• Narrated by Ernie Dingo.
• Can be branded to meet the needs of your organisation.
• Opportunity for customised slides highlighting client’s internal actions and initiatives to be embedded within program. For example, RAP initiatives, CEO Message, Our Action etc
• Includes specific cultural and historical information, cultural behaviours, issues and how these relate to employment, retention and customer service.


Four Key modules:

:: Cultural Perspectives (Our Culture)
:: Historical Perspectives (Our History)
:: Putting into Practice (Our Future)
:: Torres Strait Islanders

Case Study 1:
Integrated on internal Learning Management System

Westpac has a history of providing effective Indigenous cultural awareness and competency training for staff who manage, mentor or supervise Aboriginal colleagues or trainees and or work within Aboriginal communities. These Westpac employees undertake face-to-face workshops or live webinars with experienced Indigenous facilitators to enable robust and relevant conversations to take place.

Westpac employ over 30,000 staff and when faced with the desire and challenge of providing access to this type of training to a larger portion of their workforce,, Westpac turned to Corporate Culcha, building upon their long term relationship of providing webinars and face to face Cultural awareness and competency training across the group nationally.

The brief required the development of a customised eLearning program integrated on Westpac’s internal Learning Management System (LMS), whilst ensuring the program aligned with their face to face and webinar programs, therefore providing a consistent blended learning solution.

The process was relatively simple, with Corporate Culcha meeting with Westpac on several occasions prior to the development of the program to firstly scope the technical requirements of their LMS and secondly to support Westpac in developing the bespoke aspect of the eLearning program. With our guidance Westpac developed their customised component which included a message from the CEO to explain the relevancy of this training as well as information on Westpac’s internal initiatives and actions, current and intended, in respect of Indigenous Community Engagement and participation and Cultural Competency within their organisation.

Once Corporate Culcha, and our technical partner Zenith Information Systems, had the collateral required to complete the program, it was tested on the Westpac LMS before being finalised and released to staff. The whole process can take as little as a few weeks, as long as the client has their customised components and collateral ready to go.

Once the Indigenous Cultural Competency eLearning program was released to its intended audience within Westpac, it quickly became clear that this training would be beneficial to the entire workforce. It has subsequently become available to everyone within the organisation as it was deemed to be beneficial both professionally AND personally.

Case Study 2:
Community Sector Banking
Access via Subscription Model (pay per user)

Community Sector Banking (CSB) is a boutique banking service for the community services sector and has approximately 600 staff nationally. Their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) identifies CSB as an organisation built on relationships, partnerships and working collaboratively on many levels. As an organisation founded on social justice and equity principles it sees closing the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people as a core value. Cultural Awareness and competency training is mandatory for existing and new employees and is built into their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) KPIs. Cultural Awareness training also forms part of the organisation’s induction process.

When the time came to action their RAP initiatives, CSB sought submissions from suitable providers to assist in the development of a blended learning approach to Cultural Awareness training. After careful consideration, comparison and consultation with Corporate Culcha’s existing clients, CSB decided on Corporate Culcha to support them in this journey. Corporate Culcha was the best placed organisation to deliver on each element of blended learning, including face-to-face, eLearning and webinars.

Due to the relatively small number of staff nationally, CSB decided to access eLearning via the subscription model. CSB pays in blocks for between 20 and 50 users at a time, which is helpful from a budget perspective and allows them to spread the cost out within the financial year. Set-up actions and time frames for this are minimal as the program, though generic, provides all the features CSB were looking for in an eLearning program: informative, engaging, interactive and entertaining. And importantly it leaves participants with the tools required to take action in respect of positive Indigenous engagement and participation.

Once agreements were signed, CSB were required to fill out a spreadsheet with the names and email address of all users. Once provided to Corporate Culcha, the users were loaded onto our eLearning platform and user details provided back to CSB’s nominated representative within 48 hours. CSB then communicated to their workforce logon details, the link and some instructions for accessing the program. Corporate Culcha provides CSB with regular usage reports and responds to queries and questions within a 24 hour timeframe. All users can print their own completion certificate once they have undertaken all of the modules in the program.

With the first round of learners having completed the training, CSB has provided Corporate Culcha with many testimonies to the success of the program. This email was received by one of CSB’s senior managers in Customer Engagement and Service:

“…… I wanted to express how much I enjoyed it. I thought I was very knowledgeable about Indigenous culture, however I learnt quite a lot. I was moved by much of the material, and thought it was well put together.

…… This information is important, and will enhance both your personal, and our team’s, understanding of indigenous Australians. The broadening of understanding in this space can only bring about good things for you, our team, and our organisation.“

CSB staff everywhere have been engaging enthusiastically with the eLearning program and it has had the desired effect of informing users, challenging them and preparing them for the next level of learning …. face-to-face cultural competency workshops.

Maintenance Option
Maintenance Option

The eLearning program has been developed with the flexibility to grow and adapt to a client’s evolving and continuous initiatives, whilst remaining current with external statistical data, information, role plays and technology, via our Maintenance Option. Maintenance includes updates to “Our Action” (within Part C), generic content and mainstream technology updates. The revised program is updated to your LMS annually. Inclusions in the Maintenance Option are:

• Changes in relevant legislation.
• Update of content with more appropriate / effective content.
• Expansion of the courseware to cover new / additional points.
• Any additional comments/edits after the course is delivered and signed off.
• Updated organisational information as provided by the client.

The system can be delivered through either the Corporate Culcha purpose-built portal or integrated, via SCORM 1.2, onto a client’s specific Learning Management System. Learn more about SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) >



Facilitated by our experienced Cultural Awareness facilitators, webinars provide an effective and efficient forum for group debriefing after undertaking the eLearning program. Webinars are also effective for clients wanting to provide their remote or expansive workforces with Cultural Awareness training. Sessions are conducted utilising the client’s webinar service, with facilitators working through a specially designed program which encourages participation by attendees with interactive engagement practices.

*Training can be provided for the client’s staff to facilitate these webinars if required.

Apart from Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Competency, Corporate Culcha has access to a number of other modulated courses including within the broader Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership and Mentoring space.

Click here to download the Corporate Culcha eLearning Pdf >

Over the past 2 years a number of our partners have implemented our eLearning package across their organisations
either via subscription or implemented on their own Learning Management System.


To inquire how Corporate Culcha can support the design and implementation of eLearning into your business case, please contact us:
T: 1300 CULCHA | E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .